EGGspert4u e.K.                

Ihre Expertin für alle Arten von Eiprodukten

Not only chickens and eggs are diverse. The range of egg products also offers a great variety.

Basically, we offer you the egg products as powder or liquids, on request also cooked & peeled eggs. Our main focus, however, is on powdered products.


Whole egg powder

  • Standard
  • Special qualities for the bakery sector
  • Co-Dried with sugar

Egg yolk powder:

  • Standard
  • Heat stable for e.g. mayonnaise production (with or without additives)
  • Co-dried with sugar

Egg white powder:


  • Standard
  • Normal impact strength
  • High impact
  • Extra high impact
  • High Gel
  • Instant for sports drinks

Info: Please enquire about our packaging options.


  • Whole egg pasteurised and chilled
  • Whole egg with sugar or glucose
  • Pasteurised and chilled egg yolk
  • Pasteurised and chilled egg yolk with 9 - 11% salt
  • Egg yolk with sugar
  • Egg white pasteurised and chilled

Info: We offer the liquid goods as standard in 10kg BiB, 1000kg and full trucks. However, other packaging units are possible.

Laying forms and certificates

Our producers use hens' eggs from different types of farming for their products:

  • enriched cage-rearing
  • Barn eggs (also with KAT or AgroVet /HG certification)
  • Free range (also KAT certified)
  • Organic

For active refinement, we can also offer you egg products from third countries. These are made from eggs from traditional cage rearing.

Our egg powders are offered with the following certifications:

  • Halal
  • Kosher